Optimize your task listings in Outlook

Outlook allows you to itemize your workload, to create a task list or To Do list. Listing tasks is a good way to remember them, but it doesn't create a plan for effectively getting them done. You have no idea when anything will get finished, what your priorities are, or whether you can deliver work by the required dates. A lack of information results in mistakes and confusion, and a lack of control leads to stress.

This is where Taskline can help. By automatically scheduling your task list, it maps out your future workload, defining dates for deliverables and checking that deadlines are achievable. Taskline puts you in the driving seat.

When you run Taskline, each task is assigned a start and finish date, taking into account the task's duration and priority, any deadlines, appointment items such as meetings, and on what hours you normally work during the week. Taskline gives you much of the power of expensive Project Management software, but at a fraction of the cost and with none of the complexity. You also have the convenience of using an Outlook-based solution.



Taskline 2.1.34